Former Colombia Half-Marathon winner Joseph Kiprono was hit by a car on Sunday while running in this year’s edition of the same event. Kiprono was leading the race before he was knocked won by the car which the authorities say had violated traffic regulations by using the closed route. The race was held in Colombian […]

So you wanna be a Pro…. Tennis: For the women, they should be at least 14 years to play professionally. Football: Should be a high school graduate who either plays for four years of college or waits four years after high school. Baseball: Must be a high school graduate. Basketball: Must be a high school […]

I am a Form 2 student back in High school in my second term of the year. The chemistry class that Friday morning is especially boring but there’s a reason I’m quite up beat; asking questions and even offering to rub the black board. The reason for my suspiciously sudden altruism is the fact that […]

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