Of Church Regalia,Prejudice And Utter Hypocrisy With Christianity

Written by on September 1, 2019

Conversations as regards getting dolled up for church is the gift that keeps on giving. There has never been an actual level playing ground on what is the standard attire for church,all because people have divergent views on what that should be. The conforming ones,predictably,would be all up in arms being proponents of a ‘more-covered-up’ and ‘less-revealing’ approach to church outfits,all attributed to society’s subjective take on what is the right way to dress up for church. While that may not be every church goer’s inclination,it is easily shoved down our throats and if you are the kind not to join the bandwagon,expect a fair share of judgement from the holier than thou.

After Kathy Kiuna posted a video of gospel singer Sinach on Instagram,a user was a little not too impressed,on grounds of her outfit.  According to him,it was utterly inappropriate for her to don fitting jeans at the altar. Yes,jeans! As wild as his sentiments are,such is not an isolated case. People have been perpetually shamed for going to church looking a certain way,so Kathy Kiuna’s rather classy response could not have come at a better time. She boldly told that if he has to worry about anything,it should be his soul as ‘it is what he is after,not your jeans.’

Kathy Kiuna’s take on it was much needed;the youth would be locked of church if there was such uncalled for focus on outfits. Singer Size 8 chimed in too. She reposted the video and while she heaped praise on Sinach,she backed Kathy Kiuna’s sentiments and acknowledged that they get backlash all the time for dressing a certain way.

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