Capwell Industries To The Rescue;Company Launches Premier Cereal Drink

Written by on August 29, 2019

A new dawn has befallen Kenya’s production sector. Capwell Industries has launched a new cereal milk-based drink in its newly-installed 250 million plant. With a name just as tantalizing as its taste,Yola is a ready-to-drink affordable snack that comes in an array of flavors and is part of the firm’s quest to venture into the beverage world. Capwell Industries Group CEO Mr Rajan Shah at the product’s launch intimated that the firm is keen to innovate and develop products that meet the needs of Kenyan consumers at the point of health,convenience and utility.



He insists this new innovation is the first time the company has ventured into a completely new beverage category,and is a tell-tale sign of the company’s faith in the Kenyan market as it is a sign of its bid to break the status quo and prevailing norms,and while at it backing the government’s Big Four Agenda to grow manufacturing and create a wide range of jobs. He also posited that the half a million investment has catalyzed the growth move that the firm has taken as it rises to the occasion to expand its line of products in response to the rapidly evolving Kenyan food culture.

Shah listed a myriad merits of Yola that are absolute eargasm. From its ability to attend to consumers’ increasing preference for healthier foods,to its affordability and long shelf life,it is everyone’s bet. Not to mention its high nutritional value as it is fortified with vitamins,proteins and minerals,and is a great energy snack. Yola comes in four tantalizing flavours: vanilla,banana,strawberry and mango. It is packaged in two sizes -the 250 ml and 450 ml packs,retailing at 40 and 60 million shillings respectively.

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