Normani Is Bringing Everything You Need To Her Debut Solo VMAs Performance Tonight. Spoiler: She Will Be The Highlight Of The Show!

Written by on August 26, 2019

She has been all the rave for a little less than a fortnight since her monstrous smash hit and debut lead single Motivation came out,and Normani still has lots more to offer.The video that is an ode to the early 00s has broken as many records as it has impressed a whole lot,and racked up millions of views while at it.

She has more than proved a triple-threat superstar with her groundbreaking stage performances that are utterly unparalleled,vocal prowess and overall superstar charisma..from her iconic 2018 BBMAs performance,to shooting up the twitter trends for doing the bare minimum,she just can do no wrong. The MTV Video Music Awards go down tonight,and Normani’s performance,predictably,is the most anticipated. This will also be her debut solo performance,and that in itself is no mean feat.Iconic careers have been created off of the VMAs stage,and Normani’s already huge career is bound to skyrocket after her performance. Besides,none of the performers on the lineup can hold a candle to her;she is already the best performer of the night.















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