The 2nd Edition of MVPs Just Beckoned; Rise To The Occasion!

Written by on July 9, 2019

A second round doesn’t hurt,does it? So,you thought we were done unleashing our unrelenting moves? That’s a far cry. Less than a year since our inception,we have proved ourselves the movers and shakers that we inherently are. Or which radio station racks up all the numbers and soars to #1  in a years’ time? None,unless you are NRG Radio. We are still in our triumphant spirits weeks after we found out we are the reigning radio station in the city. No mean feat. That it took the proverbial blood,sweat and tears would be an understatement.

Fast forward to now,and the second edition of the MVPs craze just beckoned and we cannot wait for the fun that is underway. Last year,it was all the rave. This year will be no exception. Except,it will be twice as fun. A little backstory: After our mother station birthed two new stations Fun X and Choice FM a little less than two months ago,we were elated to the core. The reception has been akin to nothing short of spectacular. That,with just the music playing on the two new stations,and with no elaborate shows or presenters. Well,that is about to change.

The 2019 edition of MVPs is here.Yup,those countless emails and calls to us in your quest to get a footing on radio are about to pay off. The 3 stations are in the hunt for YOU! Our cutting edge flair and creative prowess call for someone who has got it going on,and we bet a fortune you are exactly than and then some. Here’s the drill: Download the NRG Play App and do the damn thing! Easy peasy,no? Get to it already,you MVP!




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