Billboard Eyeing A Worldwide Realm With New Global 100 Chart

Written by on May 8, 2019

With the advent of Latin music in the US growing rapidly with each passing day and Kpop becoming tremendously popular with the masses,Billboard seems to have figured it is about time for some global music unison. Given that the Billboard Hot 100 has been majorly deemed the musical barometer,its sole focus on the most popular songs in the US makes its worldwide appeal albeit limited. This,owing to its lack of the much-needed inclusivity. As overdue as it may be,Billboard has something up its sleeves that will counter this.

A 2019-incepted chart dubbed the Global 100 Chart is set to takeover. The chart, in its quest for said inclusivity,will feature the most popular songs in the world by virtue of streams and sales figures. This could not have come at a more opportune time. Non-native genres have increasingly found their way into the US,with the likes of Korean groups like Kpop and Blackpink traversing borders. American-Latin collaborations have also mushroomed sinceĀ Despacito. Latino stars like Maluma and Daddy Yankee are all the rave right now are a staple in collaborations,and the recent signing of African stars like Tiwa Savage with international record labels signals a major stride in a global chart takeover.

Reports abound about a 2020 international Billboard summit that will address pressing issues in the music industry,and that will feature international music industry players.


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